Arbor Day Expo a Success

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??Many patrons line up to purchase plants at the Arbor Expo, taking place at the National Conservation Commission’s headquarters in Codrington, St. Michael on Saturday. (E.Jones/BGIS)

It was a day for celebrating trees at the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) Arbor Day Expo and Plant Sale last Saturday, September 24.?? Patrons came out in large numbers to the NCC’s headquarters in Codrington, St. Michael for a fun-filled, educational market day dedicated to trees and the preservation of the environment.

NCC’s Project Manager, Ricardo Marshall, explained that the primary objective of the Expo was to promote the importance of trees.?? "There are many different practical and interactive demonstrations being conducted today that will highlight the many products and services consumed and utilised on a daily basis that are all derived from trees," he stated. Mr. Marshall continued:?? "Other activities for the day include different workshops that will focus on areas ranging from plant care to plant propagation and how to deal with pests and diseases that affect plants."

Through the Expo, the NCC aimed to promote the importance of trees and their centrality to everyday lives. Produce, crafts, clothing, wines and many other natural products which were all made from trees in some way, were also available.

Mr. Marshall expressed satisfaction at the turnout to the expo, and reported that this year saw the greatest numbers of booths and patrons.

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