Barbados 50th Anniversary Booth At Agrofest

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Down Memory Lane will be the theme of a booth to be erected by the 50th Anniversary of Independence Secretariat at Agrofest, to be held from February 26 to 28 in Queen???s Park.

The booth, a partnership with the Barbados Agricultural Society, will showcase elements of ???Barbados of Old???. Included will be cooking and cocktail demonstrations by a culinary team, Shirley Biscuit and Biscuit and Cheese Eating Competitions, sampling of food and drinks, the sale of memorabilia, storytelling, and an exhibition.

Patrons may also view iconic Barbadian characters such as the mauby woman, nut seller and a tuk band strolling the grounds at specific times during the three-day event. A ???Spot the Trident??? competition draw will also be conducted.

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