Call BNR Hotline With Information On Strokes And Heart Attacks

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The Barbados National Registry (BNR) for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases is urging members of the public to call its hotline and contribute information on strokes and heart attacks.

The (BNR) for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases is a national surveillance system comprising three registries: the BNR-Stroke, BNR-Heart and BNR-Cancer.

Persons who were affected by strokes from July 2008 to present, or by heart attacks from July 2009, or family members calling on their behalf are being targetted.

Individuals may call the BNR’s hotline, at 256-4BNR (256-4267) to give information themselves, or may also authorise medical practitioners to provide the required information to the BNR located at Jemmotts Lane.

The hotline is manned from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. daily. Text information can also be sent to the hotline number as it has features similar to a cellular phone.

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