Campers “Feet On Fire” At National Summer Camp Games

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Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley, was??presented with a token of appreciation by Cheryl Sealy of the Westbury Primary School camp (Central Zone) at the National Summer Camps Games at the National Stadium, today,??Friday, August 13.????

Governments’ Summer Camp Programme culminated today at the National Stadium with the second National Summer Camp Games.

While delivering the feature address, Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley, noted that, "these games afford us an opportunity to compete and, certainly …out of these games we will see some aspiring athletes.?? The Games showcase the talents and skills of the campers and, therefore, highlighting sports as part of the national camp programme, is in line with our key objectives."??

The Games are a culmination of a series of competitions held across four zones and included male and female 50, 80, 100, 200, 400 and 800 metre races, lime and spoon, balloon toss and potato and sack races.

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