Chinese Ambassador Visits Ministry Of Social Care

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Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, chatting with Chinese Ambassador,??Wei Qiang, during a visit by the Ambassador to the Ministry’s Warrens office yesterday.??(Image: C. Pitt/BGIS)

Social care exists to help the more vulnerable persons in the society, by assisting them towards their own self-empowerment.

This view was expressed yesterday by both Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler and Chinese Ambassador,?? Wei Qiang, during a visit by the Ambassador to the Ministry’s Warrens office.

The Chinese envoy conveyed his gratitude to Government for the hospitality it had showed him, and assured Minister Sinckler that his Government would willingly assist with any initiative which the Ministry of Social Care undertook. He said the Chinese Government deemed social care a major priority, and was amenable, in consultation with the Ministry, to undertake functional corporate projects.

Minister Sinckler, in turn, thanked the Chinese Government for its continued support of this country’s development projects, particularly the assistance provided to the Constituency Councils’ programme.??????????????????????

He further stressed the importance of emphasising the close relationship between China and Barbados, which was initially established in 1977.

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