Councils Reach Out To Parents And Children

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Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development, Chris Sinckler??

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development, Chris Sinckler, has showered praise on the Youth Assistance Learning Experience and Parent Programme, deeming the initiative "an unbelievable exercise." Speaking at the recent graduation ceremony, Mr. Sinckler applauded the St. Michael North Constituency Council for implementing programmes, which reach out to both the youth and their parents, alike.

He stated: "It is important that what we are doing here is graduating two ends of the spectrum: we are graduating children from a course that sought to improve their skills in education, and we’re graduating parents who sought to improve their skills in parenting…What we see here with this graduation, and all other programmes, has reinforced my confidence in the establishment of the Constituency Councils."

Mr. Sinckler reinforced his view that the Constituency Councils were an excellent vehicle for restoring the diminishing community ties and re-invigorating the society, noting that these are very important for Barbados, which holds the designation as the number one developing country.??

"Societies are not known for their GDP [Gross Domestic Product], nor how much money they have in the economy, but how they treat each other," he maintained.

The Minister noted that Barbadians have become extremely individualistic, we but cautioned them to look after what’s happening next door, because, as Mr. Sinckler stressed, "the quality of life next door will impact the quality of life in your home."

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