Father???s Day Summit Next Tuesday

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Men are being encouraged to register now for the Bureau of Gender Affairs’ Fathers Keeping Families Together summit, to be held next Tuesday, June 21, at the Clock Tower, The Garrison, St. Michael.

Those men who are interested in attending the one-day discussion, which begins at 9:00 a.m., should contact the Bureau at 310-2106 to register.

During the day, there will be a panel discussion focusing on health, religion and youth, with panellists Anderson Kellman, Pastor Colin Thorne, Jason Francis and Dr. Damian Henry.

There will also be presentations by Attorney-At-Law, Andrew Pilgrim, who will speak on Machoism and the Law; Joseph King, who will examine The Importance of Education; Lloyd Springer who will look at The Joys of Fatherhood; Pastor Dr. Lucille Baird will discuss Relationships and Keeping Families Together; and George Griffith will address Men and their Responses to the use of Contraceptives.


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