Immigration Department Telephone Numbers Change

admin Ministry News

Members of the public conducting business with the Immigration Department are reminded ??that the telephone numbers at Wharf Road, St. Michael, have changed.

The PABX is now 434-4100, the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) 434-4192; Deputy CIO 434-4191; Assistant CIO (Immigration Status/Permanent Residence/Student Visas/Extensions) 434-4171; Assistant CIO (Work Permits) 434-4179; Senior Immigration Officer (SIO Passports) 434-4150; SIO Citizenship 434-4114; SIO Investigations 434-4139; Immigration Officer 1 (Passports) 434-4123; Immigration Officer (Research) 434-4157, the Accountant 434-4110 and the Executive Officer 434-4154.

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