Library Service Telephone Number Changes

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The public is asked to note that the contact numbers for the National Library Service have changed. The PBX is 535-2900, while the new fax number is 535-2954.

List of National Library Service Telephone Numbers

Post/Location Telephone No
PBX No 535-2900
FAX No 535-2954
Director 535-2900
Deputy Director (ag) 535-2900/535-2902
Lending Services Section 535-2956
Reference Services Section 535-2955
Eagle Hall Branch Library 535-2930
Six Cross Roads Branch Library 535-2935
Speightstown Branch Library 535-2936
Holetown Branch Library 535-2958
Valley Branch Library 535-2941
Bibliographic Unit 535-2944/535-2945
Microfilming 535-2951
**Gall Hill Branch Library 433-1522
**Tamarind Hall Branch Library 433-2416

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