Local and Regional Businesses Urged to Tap into Panama???s Market

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Albert White, Director of Logistics and Transportation at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama; speaking to participants at a ???How to do Business in Panama’ seminar, yesterday. (F.Ince/BGIS)

Businesses in Barbados and the Caribbean are being strongly advised that there is a market in Panama for their products.??

This advice has come from Director of Logistics and Transportation at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama, Albert White, who suggested that trading could also be done in commerce and services.

Mr. White pointed out that about 95 per cent of Panama’s economy was based on services, such as banking and insurance, and described the Central American country as "a very open place to do business".

He told the Barbados Government Information Service: "We invite just about everybody in the world who wants to do business in Panama and through Panama to other countries [to come]. It is a very easy place to establish formal working relations.

"…Our market is 3.4 million people; it is rather small, but through our logistical platform, you could reach 140 million people in the region which look to Panama as a place to come shopping and … do their business," he disclosed.

In the past, Mr. White stated, the Panama Chamber of Commerce had hosted business people from across the globe, including Trinidad, India and Europe and they were encouraged to "look for their niche" that could give them entry into the export or import market.

Meanwhile, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Federico Humbert, has invited Barbados to participate in Panama’s Expo in March 2012. ??Some 8,000 buyers from Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean are expected to attend the fair, which will provide companies an opportunity to exhibit their products to several hemispheric buyers.


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