LPG On The Rise

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Barbadians will soon be paying more for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Effective midnight, Sunday, December 21, the retail price of LPG will increase in keeping with the imported price of petroleum products.

As a result, the 100-pound cylinder will now be retailed at $180.87 – up by $4.35. The 25-pound cylinder will now cost $50.32 ??? an increase of $1.09; while the 22-pound cylinder will now be retailed at $44.44 ??? an increase of 95 cents. The 20-pound cylinder will now cost $40.40, up by 87 cents.

Petroleum prices are adjusted monthly by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce, on the advice of the Division of Energy. Retail prices, therefore, will fluctuate in accordance with the landed cost of imported products.

Author: Division of Energy/BGIS
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