Ministry Continues HIV Workplace Sensitisation

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The International Business Division of the Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, is continuing to tackle stigma and discrimination within the workplace, by hosting the third production of its HIV Edutainment event entitled: An Afternoon of Intrigue.

It will take place on Thursday, March 19, at the Valley View Restaurant (The Cafeteria), Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

According to the Ministry, the HIV message will be promoted ???in a dynamic and exciting manner???, while exposing the Ministry???s staff to biases and prejudices within the workplace against the key population of HIV-affected and non-affected persons.

It will be followed by refreshments and a question-and-answer session on Stigma, Discrimination and Human Rights in the Workplace, featuring Deputy Dean, Faculty of Law, Wesmin James. Media personnel are also invited to partake in the session.

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