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Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones


Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones says his Ministry’s decision to alter the new school year has been well supported by teachers.


He was speaking today, following a tour of the St Margaret’s, Mount Tabor and Workman’s Primary Schools. “We’ve had very good support from teachers as well as the unions,” he stated.


Minister Jones explained that the change would “allow those Barbadian teachers the time they need to conduct their duties as it relates to the correcting of Caribbean Examination Council papers”.


Addressing the addition of a one week mid-term break during the first term, Mr. Jones stressed that the time would allow students and teachers to return to school “refreshed and invigorated after what would otherwise be a sixteen week term”.


He also advised teachers to “maximise contact time with students” during the new school year. “I am also urging teachers and parents to exercise flexibility during this new process,” he said.

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