Oversight Committee to Remain at Alexandra School

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The Alexandra School. (Photo from The Alexandra School Website)??

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is continuing to monitor the situation at the Alexandra School through its oversight committee chaired by retired Principal of Deighton Griffith Secondary School, Victor Hutchinson.

This was disclosed today by Chief Education Officer, Laurie King following the introduction of the new principal of that school, Orson Alleyne and 18 new staffers to students and staff at the Queen’s Street, St. Peter institution.

Mr. King said the committee which was put in place last September would remain for the duration of this term "to provide any support that is necessary for the new principal, the new deputy principal and all staff at the Alexandra School".??

Other members of the oversight committee are Deputy Chief Education Officer (Schools) Karen Best; former Deputy Principal at Princess Margaret, Denton Brathwaite and retired Education Officer (Secondary Schools), Jessica Browne.


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