Prime Minister Tours Government Headquarters, CICS, Printery And BGIS

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Prime Minister, David Thompson sees aspects of video editing while on tour of the Barbados Government Information Service with (left to right) Acting Chief Information Officer, Erskine Callender, Videographer, Carl Allman and Senior Information Officer, Sharon Lynch.

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, David Thompson completed an extensive tour of offices under his portfolio yesterday.


During the first leg of his visit, he was escorted by Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, Avril Gollop. Mr. Thompson met with staff members of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service, the Budget Section and Registry at Government Headquarters.


The Prime Minister also observed operations at the Government Printing Department, which produces a large quantity of publications for all ministries. Government Printer, Duranda Toppin, explained to the Prime Minister some of the mechanics involved in producing a document, as well as the work of the composing, printing and binding sections, and how the smart stream system was being utilised.


The tour also included a visit to the office of the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat, where he was greeted by National Coordinator, Curtis Goodridge, and other members of his team.


The Prime Minister rounded-off his tour by meeting with staff members of the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS), on Bay Street. On arrival, he was met by Acting Chief Information Officer, Erskine Callender.

He chatted with staff in the accounts, administration, marketing, technical, stills, press, radio and television sections. Mr. Thompson also toured the Library, where historical footage as well as audio, video and film materials are stored. He was given an update on plans to make the video systems at the BGIS more compatible with the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, and also shown various publications produced by the department as part of its marketing strategy.


Mr. Thompson noted the concerns expressed by employees in the various departments and lauded them for their continued commitment. He acknowledged that in some areas spacing was a problem. He also met with personnel from the Defence and Security Division.

The Prime Minister was accompanied on his familiarisation tour by Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister???s Office, Keith Franklyn; Maintenance Coordinator, Dave Dyall; and other government officials.

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