Remove Illegal Structures From Government Lands

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The Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development is advising persons who currently have structures, vehicles, equipment, material or advertising displays on lands owned by the Government of Barbados, and have not received permission to do so, to remove them immediately.

Government lands, or Crown lands, have been acquired by the Government for public purposes and include schools, roadways, polyclinics, the airport and seaport.

According to Chief Property Manager at the Ministry of Housing, Niki Smith, some persons may have been allowed to vend at these locations, but the increased popularity of vending has proven to be problematic.

He noted that some of the structures which have been erected are a distraction to motorists and obstructive to pedestrians.

???Previously, permission to vend along the highways was granted by the Ministry of Transport and Works. That Ministry no longer issues permissions so persons set up without reference to any authority ??? this unregulated vending from Crown lands is now a problem.

???Persons setting up on land without permission can acquire certain rights (legal and perceived) to that land, and the Ministry has to guard against such as it may frustrate Government???s ability to provide improved infrastructure for the entire population.

“In addition, the Auditor General has recently produced a special audit on squatting which identifies areas for revenue collection that are being missed as persons are using Crown land free of cost,??? the Housing official stated.

He urged persons to recognise that all land in Barbados has an owner, therefore, ???entering onto such lands interferes with ownership rights and is a trespass to property???.

Mr. Smith stated that existing and new unauthorised structures would be removed from the premises if persons failed to comply. Further information on this matter may be obtained by contacting the Ministry at 467-7852.

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