Serious Efforts Being Made To Deal With Elder Abuse

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Government is taking steps to deal with the issue of elder abuse in the society by introducing legislation and strengthening the Home Care Workers Programme.

This was revealed last weekend by Acting Minister of Social Care, Patrick Todd, at the National Senior Games Awards Ceremony at Solidarity House.

He noted that too many of our seniors were emotionally and physically abused by some relatives and caregivers, and ???abandoned and left at hospitals where they remain, never receiving a visit from a family member???.

???These concerns have prompted the Ministry and the National Assistance Board to recommend the introduction of elder abuse legislation, and the strengthening of the Home Care Programme during the current financial year,??? the Minister revealed.

He added: ???These initiatives reaffirm Government’s commitment to build a caring society for all.?? We all must strive for a society that where issues such as elder abuse and abandonment will become a thing of the past, where family unity as well as social cohesion will become the norm in an environment that is healthy and not dysfunctional.???

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