St. James Central Pre-Impact Assessments

Julia Rawlins-Bentham Ministry News


(Stock Photo)

Members of the public are asked to note that the St. James District Emergency Organisation (DEO) will be conducting a pre-impact assessment of the Batts Rock to Holetown communities, tomorrow, Saturday, October 21, between 9:00 a.m. and noon.

This assessment is being conducted to enable the St. James Central DEO to accurately note the communities’ vulnerabilities, capabilities or resources, and general level of resilience to adverse hazard impacts. The DEO will also seek to identify any vulnerable persons living in these communities.

Members of the St. James Central DEO may be identified by grey polo shirts bearing the logo of the Department of Emergency Management and the words St. James Central DEO written underneath that logo on the front.

Persons are encouraged to cooperate with those conducting the assessments.

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