St. Jude’s Primary Gets Computer Equipment

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Principal of the St. Jude???s Primary School, Undine Shorey was ???most ecstatic??? when the school was, earlier this month, presented with a computer by the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA).

President of the PTA, Deborah Atwell, Floor Member, Stacey Kellman and Public Relations Officer, Meisha Baird presented the Principal with the desktop computer and printer at the school in St. Jude???s Village, St. George.

In accepting the gift, on behalf of her staff and students, Ms. Shorey noted that the equipment would better facilitate the work of the school.

Acknowledging that St. Jude???s had a ???vibrant PTA??? that was always ???eager to assist students and staff???, she added: ???We are so pleased with this gesture. The PTA must be commended for readily agreeing to donate the items. We urgently needed to replace the obsolete computer and printer at the school.???

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