Star Rating Awards For Food Hygiene

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The Ministry of Health has joined forces with the Barbados Tourism Product Authority to rate restaurants across Barbados for their food hygiene standards and practices.

Participation in the programme is voluntary. It examines conditions related to food safety; food handling practices, procedures and temperature control; the layout of premises; cleaning; and the state of the physical structure.

Management???s role in ensuring proper food handling practices are carried out and in providing food safety training for all staff members is also assessed.

The objectives of the programme are to create a standardised method of inspection for licensing purposes and to create greater consumer awareness of food hygiene and safety. It further aims to reward businesses which demonstrate consistently high levels of food hygiene, while encouraging others to improve their standards.

On Thursday, October 15, restaurants in the catchment area of the Randall Phillips Polyclinic in Christ Church will be presented with their star rating awards during a ceremony at the Sea Breeze Beach Hotel, Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, at 10:00 a.m.

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