The Need To Revive The Community Spirit

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Minister of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce, Dr. David Estwick??(FP)

A Government Minister has lamented the fact that some Barbadians no longer identified themselves by their villages, but in terms of their alma mater and professional attainments.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce, Dr. David Estwick, made this observation, while addressing the St. Patrick’s Heritage and Community Association Banquet Dinner, last Saturday.?? The event was held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Noting that there had been a decline in the community spirit over the last 50 years, the Minister credited late Prime Minister, the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow, for "transforming a collection of poor villages into a united, proud and prosperous nation state".

Notwithstanding Mr. Barrow’s efforts, he said the changes that were ushered in by the introduction of universal free education in 1962, had led to the creation of white and blue collar jobs, and a move away from village life to the "heights and terraces."

"I, therefore, find it appropriate in the month when we are celebrating the enormous contributions which our 10 National Heroes have made to the development of Barbados, to reflect on some of the unintended consequences of the progress we have enjoyed since Independence. Therefore, Barbadians no longer defined their identity in terms of their village – which was, in effect, a large extended family…,"???? Dr. Estwick outlined.

He noted that some Barbadians, who emigrated as children or teenagers, were fortunate on retirement, "to resettle with confidence that the standard of living which they can enjoy in a modern Barbados, is as high, if not higher, than in their adopted countries."

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