Vacancies In The Cotton Industry

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The Barbados Cotton Growers’ Association is inviting members of the public to fill several vacancies for cotton pickers at farms throughout the island.

Persons interested in working at the Bromefield, Rock Hall, Mount Gay, Redland and Spring Hall farms in St. Peter and St. Lucy are asked to call 422-2809.

Those interested in working at the farms at Mount Pleasant, Constant, Three Houses and Searles located in St. George, Christ Church and St. Philip, respectively, are asked to contact the area office at 437-5465.

Persons who wish to work at the farms at Carrington Estate should call 423-6208; while those interested in picking cotton at Groves should call 420-1605.

Castle/ Lamberts can be reached at 422-8745, while cotton pickers wishing to work at Welchtown are asked to call 230-7915. These farms are located in St. George, St. Peter and St. Philip, respectively.

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