Ten Barbadians will leave the island shortly, after securing employment in the cleaning industry in Canada.

Five of them will leave tomorrow, Saturday, September 8, while the others will travel next Tuesday, September 11.

They have received two-year contracts, with provision for renewal, to work with Canadian Contract Cleaning Specialists in Alberta, Canada.

An official of the National Employment Bureau (NEB), the agency which facilitated the recruitment drive, said: "We broke new ground in this particular industry and we expect more Barbadians to find employment there if it works out well.

"This is just the first of a number of new initiatives which seek to continue to get workers into the Canadian provinces."

Over the years, with the assistance of the NEB, a number of persons have been able to embark on job opportunities in North America, through participation in the US and Canadian Farm Labour Programmes, and in the hospitality and cruise line industries, among others.


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