Serenity Proverbs at the launch of the 10,000 Plus Resilience initiative (10PR). (GP)

The National Conservation Commission (NCC), in collaboration with FarmFinder Global Inc. and the Nature Fun Ranch, launched the 10,000 Plus Resilience initiative (10PR) today.

NCC’s acting General Manager, Ryan Als, stated that the 10PR initiative was developed to enhance Barbados’ food security, by cultivating and distributing 10,000 food crop seedlings for free, to 400 households to start kitchen gardens.

He added that the programme, which will run from April to May 2020, is a timely intervention, which should see an uptake of kitchen gardening in communities across Barbados.

“A strong emphasis will be placed on identifying vulnerable families to participate. This collaboration between Government and civil society entities evolves from a recognition by NCC, that in order to have a sustainable framework for food security, the collaboration with, and participation of various stakeholders, is critical,” Mr. Als said.

 The National Conservation Commission’s main role in the 10PR initiative is to provide over 1,000 sq. ft.  of nursery space for sand beds and irrigation facilities, as well as technical services to facilitate the cultivation of the seedlings. 

FarmFinder Global Inc. and the Nature Fun Ranch will provide seeds, remote technical assistance and logistical support, in the distribution of the seedlings.

Persons who wish to participate in the 10PR initiative are asked to submit their contact information, including name, address and telephone number, to  Persons may also WhatsApp their information to telephone number 843-5093.

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