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Government today awarded 11 scholarships and 18 exhibitions to students who excelled in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations and the Associate Degree programmes at the Barbados Community College.

This announcement was made today by Acting Chief Education Officer, Joy Adamson, who stressed that more names might be added to the list of awardees following reviews by the Caribbean Examinations Council. She pointed out that this figure only represented the students who would have met the minimum requirements so far.

Students from Harrison College took the lion’s share of this year’s awards making a clean sweep of all scholarships and taking 12 of the 18 exhibitions.

Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, Santia Bradshaw, congratulated all recipients, while acknowledging the challenges they would have faced.

“You have done extremely well in very difficult circumstances. The last few months, I don’t think that any of you would have imagined that we would be celebrating in this way…to recognise your achievements…. You have had to complete your examinations under some pressure and I know the last couple weeks and months have not been easy for you.

“Nonetheless, many of you have been able to rise above the occasion and to be able to be here this afternoon for us to be able to celebrate your achievements, and I really am looking forward to great things coming from each and every single one of you who has had this tremendous achievement this evening,” she shared.

Issuing a caveat to the awardees that, to whom much is given much is expected, the Education Minister reminded the students that Government was expecting a lot from them.

Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, Santia Bradshaw. (GP)

“We expect from you, since we are investing in your future that as you climb up the ladder, remember the little island, 166 square miles that has given you so much, in terms of a good foundation. Many of you will go on, no doubt, to be gobbled up by the international companies and other corporate entities.

“Many of you will perhaps decide you meet the woman or man of your dreams and decide to relocate to another territory, but I ask each of you that as you go on your journey to do great things for your country to always keep at the forefront of your mind Barbados,” she implored.

Ms. Bradshaw also reminded the students that they could find creative ways to give back to Barbados, while assisting next generation students.

“It doesn’t mean that you have to come back to Barbados in order to give back, but it may mean that in everything that you do that you see yourselves as ambassadors to this country and also that you find a way in whatever you are doing to give back and to help pull the next generation along so that they too can be encouraged by what you have done as well,” she stated.

In addition to Harrison College, exhibitions were also awarded to one student from the Christ Church Foundation School, two from the Barbados Community College and three students from Queen’s College.


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