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The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is inviting suitably qualified Barbadians to apply for this year’s National Development Scholarships at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Applicants must be citizens of Barbados between the ages of 18 and 40 and should have been accepted at an overseas university (with the exception of the University of the West Indies) to pursue studies in the particular course.?? The deadline for the return of completed forms is Friday, June 15.

The Scholarships are being offered in 13 broad areas and will cover one direct economy class ticket to the country of study at the commencement of the course, and one return ticket to Barbados on completion of the programme.?? Awards will also include full tuition fees, payable directly to the University, a book allowance of Bds. $1,000, as well as a clothing allowance of Bds.$736 for those studying in colder climates.??

The Ministry will also provide a living allowance of Bds.$6,300 per annum for studies in the United States of America; Bds.$5,880 per annum for studies in Canada, or Bds.$7,560 per annum for studies in the United Kingdom.

In the area of Agriculture, persons may study Veterinary Pathology, Plant Pathology and Animal Nutrition, while Allied Health Studies should focus on Gerontology; Disability Studies; Physical and Rehabilitative Therapies; Palliative Care; Forensic Pathology; Recreational Therapy; Forensic Nursing; Epidemiology; and Pediatric Dentistry.?? In specialised areas of Medicine, scholarships may be awarded for study in Orthoptics and Sexually Transmitted Infections Venerology.

Students interested in a scholarship in Culture Studies should have considered Archiving, Cinematography and Audio Visual Production, Conservation, Library and Information Science; and Performance Arts. Meanwhile, scholarships in Economics/Economic Development will be offered in Investment Management, Public Finance and Analysis, Financial Services (Financial Management, Wealth Management, Asset Management), Social Statistics, Risk Management, Participatory Governance and Development and Cooperative Studies.?? ??

For candidates interested in the field of??Education,??consideration will be given to training in Special Needs; Early Childhood Education; Technical and Vocational Education (Leadership and Workforce Development) Adult Education and Competency Based Curriculum Design.??

For Environmental Studies, the areas supported are: Disaster Management and Emergency Planning, Alternative Energy, Environmental Law and International Environmental Law.?? And, in the area of Family Services, you may be awarded to study Family Therapy, Therapeutic Work with Children and Counseling.?? With respect to Legal Studies, scholarships may be awarded to a student who is desirous of studying International Tax Law; International Business Law/Law of the Sea; Aviation Law; Criminology and Criminal Justice; and Policing, Financial/Crime Prevention.

Under Management Studies, individuals may be selected from among those who express interest in Contract Management; Entrepreneurship; Civil Aviation and Air Transport Management; Court Administration and Case Management; Management of a Corporate Law Registry; Penology and Prison Management; Correctional Policy Development; Nursing and Health Management; Health Information Management/Information Technology Leadership; Protocol, Diplomacy and Cross Cultural Relations; and Procurement Management.

The National Development scholarship may also be awarded to a student who is keen on Science and Technology in the areas of Bio-Technology; Innovation and Economic Development; Computer Technology for Persons with Disabilities; Patent/Trademark Examination; International Standards Assessment; and Marketing and Communication (with emphasis on Digital Strategy and New Media).

In the area of Sports, students’ choice of study must be in the field of Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Strength Conditioning, Kinesiology/Exercise Science or Sports Management. And, for students interested in Physical Development, Oil and Gas Exploration; Mechanical/Automotive Engineering; Quantity Surveying; Structural Engineering; and Occupational Safety and Health, may be considered.

Successful applicants will be required to enter a bond, with sureties to return and work in Barbados on completion of the course for one year of each year of the period of study.?? Application forms and further information may be obtained from the Tertiary Section of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, The Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael.?? Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


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