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 Employees are advised that the 2020 Reverse Tax Credit (RTC) return, better known as the ‘$1300’, is available for filing.  The return should be filed online in TAMIS by December 31, 2022.

Employees eligible for the RTC are those who, during the 2020 calendar year, earned a total annual income below $25,000; had less than a total of $500 income tax deducted from their earnings and worked for at least four months. 

Communications Officer with the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA), Erica Lazare, issued a reminder for persons to make sure their banking details are up to date for quicker refunds.

“As the Authority moves to deliver more refunds via direct deposit, it is important for persons to have up-to-date information in TAMIS, as this facilitates a faster payment process.

“Please log in and click the Update Details tab to ensure that your bank or credit union details, as well as your address and contact numbers, are present and accurate.  Make any required edits and save the information,” she added. 

For step-by-step guidance on filing the RTC and additional tax tips, persons are encouraged to visit the BRA’s website or Facebook, YouTube and Instagram social media pages.

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