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Forty-three students have been awarded six scholarships; 36 exhibitions and one Award of Excellence for 2021.

The awardees were announced by Deputy Chief Education Officer, Joy Adamson, during a virtual press conference held by the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, today.

Queen’s College copped the majority of scholarships. They were awarded to Megan Best, Meladee Carter, Ella-Jean Evelyn, and Khaleel Kothdiwala. The other two scholarships went to Vinati Melwani and Nathan Chee-a-Tow, both of Harrison College.

Meanwhile, Harrison College took the lion’s share of the exhibitions.  The 25 recipients from that school are: Safiyyah Adams, Amber Austin, Jaleah Barker, Dana Begg, Dominique Bryan, Laila Chin-Clarke, Soumaya Callender, Vienna Cozier, Alexander Dent, Joshua Desir, Thelema Grannum, Raanan Hackett, Jade Jackman, Pritika Kandamaran, Keturah Kellman, Kaia Moseley, Leonard O’Garra, Madihah Patel, Saydiah Russell, Kyle Seales, Teshara Walton, Aisha Waterman, Josh Dayo Weekes, Kyle Yearwood, Sasha Zephrin.

Queen’s College also won four exhibitions, which went to Mikkel Boxhill, Jana Scott, Lianna Williams, and Justin Yearwood.

Exhibitions were also awarded to Gaziyah Bentham of the Christ Church Foundation School, Maya Graham of the Lodge School, along with Hailee Bannister, Leandra Durant, Nekoda Ellis, Ethan Fields and Nadhira Lorne, all students of the Barbados Community College (BCC). The recipient of the Award of Excellence is Kelly-Ann Skeete, a BCC student.

Congratulating the students on their achievements, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Betty Alleyne-Headley, explained why there was a delay in the process.

“I say long awaited achievements because as you are aware, Barbados requested of the Caribbean Examination Council that a review of the grades of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Level, commonly known as CAPE, be undertaken following the release of grades in October of this year.

“That review was only completed this month by CXC and so the usual process of streamlining and policy approval at the level of the Ministry and Government had to be also undertaken,” she said.

Noting that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education sector, Mrs. Alleyne-Headley praised the students for their determination.  She encouraged them to take advantage of every educational opportunity available, and to give back to society.

“As bright, aspiring students of Barbados you must also offer yourself to be part of Barbados’ education reform drive, which is currently one of the key ongoing pillars that is seeking to renew teaching and learning in preparation for the renewed supply and demand that is fast approaching in many forms,” she added. 


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