A section of the group of Barbados Water Authority??employees at the meeting.

Prime Minister David Thompson has lamented the fact that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), is constrained to provide water supply and waste water services within eight hours, although they should be a 24-hour operation.

This, he said, resulted in "paying costly overtime for work done outside of this normal period".??

His comments were made during his recent meeting with staff of the BWA at their Manor Lodge, Green Hill, St. Michael, headquarters.???? ??

"Even though the pumping, treatment, and security functions have traditionally been done on a 24-hour basis, repairing faults, for example, burst pipes [and] mains occurring at night, cannot be properly attended [to] as there is no standby crew," Mr. Thompson observed.

He noted that customers expected to avail themselves of these services at their leisure, and since many of the BWA’s activities were not geared for continuous service, much frustration was caused when problems arose after hours.

"The introduction of a 24-hour system of operation in more activities of the Authority will greatly enhance its operational efficiency, as well as its customer service. The Authority needs the cooperation of the workers in negotiating the final form of 24-hour operation," the Prime Minister stressed.????



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