Farmers who are a part of the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC) generated approximately $30 million in primary produce in 2015.

This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer of the BADMC, Shawn Tudor, while delivering the feature address at the opening of the new Carmeta???s Farm and Factory outlet, this morning at the Fairy Valley Plantation, Christ Church.

The Chief Executive Officer said that the farmers work in the BADMC???s Land Lease and Irrigation programmes, as well as with its Agricultural Extension Services.

Stating that his organisation and the farmers were very proud of the revenue generated and its benefits to the economy, Mr. Tudor said that they were currently working towards producing more affordable, local, healthy products for consumers. He also pointed out that his organisation was linked to at least 50 per cent of the vegetable production on the island.

He explained that the BADMC had 13 irrigated districts located throughout the island, and that 648 farmers benefited from the programme.

???Last year, we actually pumped 528 million gallons of water for the farmers. We are mindful of the fact that the prolonged spell of low rainfall is taking the aquifers time to fill up, and we understand that there is only so much water still in the ground. So, we are working very closely with the Barbados Water Authority and we are at an advanced stage of talks with them about jointly looking at other sources of water,??? he stated.

The Chief Executive Officer also pointed out that in 2015, the BADMC was able to employ an additional 30 individuals at its various locations, while continuing to increase revenue.

Carmeta???s Farm and Factory offers a variety of products, including flours and flour mixes, gluten-free baked goods, gluten-free sorbets, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, preserves and beverages, all supplied by Barbadian farmers and local agro-processors.

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