Inspector Dervent Murray received an award for the Best Prosecutor at the closing and award ceremony at the Regional Police Training Centre. (S.Forde-Craigg/BGIS)

A total of 33 officers from the Barbados Police Service, the Barbados Defence Force, the Barbados Immigration Department, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, recently received training geared at enhancing their performance in carrying out their duties.

On Friday, September 9, a joint closing and awards ceremony took place for participants of two programmes, namely the Court Prosecutors and Enhanced Constables Development courses, at the Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC) headquarters, Seawell, Christ Church.

Acting Superintendent and Deputy Divisional Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Barbados Police Service, Mark White, in addressing the graduates, stressed that having completed their respective courses they were now traversing towards the fulfilment of their “mission as defenders of law and order”.

Mr. White stated: “Although they are deemed as two separate courses, I am well aware, and you are too, that as members of one organisation… there is a clear nexus between those of us who are charged with the responsibility of investigating crime and those who are tasked with prosecuting criminal proceedings.”

He pointed out that the training should increase the knowledge base of participants, which should redound to greater efficiency in the delivery of their duties and service to the public.

The Acting Superintendent also wished the participants all the best in their future endeavours as they seek to “work together as a cohesive unit to ensure that justice is served and improve citizen security in our nation”.

Course Coordinator, Deputy Commandant, Lawrence Collymore presented a course report. He disclosed that the Court Prosecutor’s course with a syllabus developed by the RPTC, with consultation and input from the Department of Public Prosecutions, was one of the most prestigious locally conducted courses included in the annual prospectus. It was also said to be an integral component of the Centre’s yearly senior training portfolio.

The Court Prosecutor’s course aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and practical ability to function as prosecutors within their respective agencies. It covers a diverse array of topics including The Role and Function of a Court Prosecutor, Court language, Court functions, Bail Application, Ethical Requirements, Trial Preparation-Oral Evidence, and the process for entering exhibits into evidence.

Deputy Commandant Collymore, alluding to the Enhanced Constables Development course, pointed out that the four-week training was designed to redefine and increase participants’ knowledge, skills and competencies to enhance their level of deficiencies in the performance of their duties.  Topics taught included cybercrime investigations, crime scene management, public speaking, case file preparation, documenting evidence, dealing with mass casualties and giving evidence in court.

Two students, Inspector Leslie Arthur, who participated in the Prosecutors’ Course and Police Constable Lotaya Thompson, who did the Enhanced Constables Development Course, delivered reports and noted that the training was “informative, interactive and a fun-filled learning experience”. Inspector Dervent Murray received an award for the Best Prosecutor having garnered a course percentage of 83 per cent while Police Constable vonRad Walters received the award for Best Public Speaking and Best Aggregate with a score of 88 per cent.

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