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Forty business people are currently participating in the Barbados Trust Fund Limited’s (BTFL) online Entrepreneurial Management training.

And, Manager of Administration and Operations at the BTFL, Michael Bowen, said there was an “overwhelming response” to the training, which is for potential clients and 10 members of the public.

“We offered the spaces to the public, and within the first few days of the announcement we were inundated with responses, such that we have set up a couple of other training sessions, and then we have to schedule the others at a later date. But we don’t want to leave anyone behind, so in time we will try to execute that training throughout the island,” Mr. Bowen stated.

His comments came as he spoke briefly at the start of the training session on Monday evening. He told the entrepreneurs that the Fund’s objective was to give them the necessary assistance to make their businesses grow, to the point where they could be passed on to future generations, thus creating generational wealth.

Mr. Bowen continued: “Businesses must have some kind of structure and that’s how we at the Fund will also be assisting you….  We don’t want to run your business for you, but we are here to help and make sure your businessdoes not fail. We want you to assist in the creation of jobs and be a solid part of the Barbados economy.”

He told the participants that if they received loans from the BTFL, they must repay them, so other Barbadians going into business could receive that necessary financial support.

“Remember that without repayment, we cannot have more entrepreneurs.  So, I’m going to insist that when you get your loan, be dutiful and repay it. That dedication to pay your loan will also help us provide another person with the opportunity to have a business,” he noted.

Mr. Bowen also encouraged the young entrepreneurs to work together and share their experience, knowledge and techniques, as well as support each other’s business, especially since the BTFL had over 4,000 clients.

The modules being offered during the four days of training, which ends Thursday, are Introduction to Management; Financial Management; Customer Service Excellence, and Introduction to Marketing.


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