Christ Church Foundation student Destini Cummings is combining her knowledge of Physics with the technical skills she is gaining from learning electrical installation. (GP)

The destiny of electrical installation at the Christ Church Foundation School rides partially on 15-year old Destini Cummings.

Her teacher, Dr. Albert Bartlett, speaking during the Electrical Installation preliminary at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ School, is hoping that by competing in the WorldSkills Barbados Juniors Competition, Destini can demonstrate why the school needs to add this subject to its curriculum.

Ironically, Destini only began training in Electrical Installation one week prior to the competition.  Although her true passion is Marine Biology, she said yes when Dr. Bartlett asked if she would be interested in competing.

“I study Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Electrical installation fits in under Physics.  At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it done, but during the week I realize I could do it.  In Physics, we are studying Electricity and Currents, so this is basically application of what I am being taught, so I found it helpful,” Destini said.

Dr. Bartlett, an upper sixth Physics teacher and the school’s Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Coordinator, stressed that he wants to show the school that technical skills are very important.

He suggested that the competition was a great way of benchmarking performance and making students see how aptitude can help to develop them.

The CVQ Coordinator added he wanted Foundation to get into the WorldSkills Barbados Juniors Competition at all costs because “it is more than important”.

Stating Destini was not afraid, Dr. Bartlett said, “Recognizing the importance of having a skill, I chose Destini because she is doing Physics and is well rounded in the sciences….  We used to do electrical installation [at the school] but that was discontinued.  My hope is that by using Destini, we can show the whole school that there is room for electrical installation and that technical skills are very important.”

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