Acclaimed Barbadian author Cherie Jones will lead the NCF’s fifth session of the Writers’ Clinic series. (Photo courtesy NCF)

The National Cultural Foundation will stage the fifth session of the Writers’ Clinic series on Saturday, January 8, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The topic: “Tips on Getting a Literary Agent” will be explored by acclaimed Barbadian author Cherie Jones. Using her will skills and experience, the writer will be sharing tips and dispensing advice to writers who sign up for the class, which will be delivered via Zoom.

This season’s Writers’ Clinic, which started in September 2021, has received some of the highest attendance numbers in the history of the programme.  opics covered so far include: Self-Publishing 101, Mastering Your Manuscript, Writing for Social Media and Blog Writing 101. Participants benefitted from the instruction of industry experts and often received feedback while in the highly-engaging sessions, free of cost.

NCF’s Cultural Officer in the Literary Arts, Karra Price, under whose discipline the sessions are produced, said that the programme fostered a sense of community among Barbadian writers.  She described the sessions as interactive, and said participants referred to them as “highly engaging”.

Price said she is excited that the NCF will be featuring Jones, whose novel How the One Armed Sister Sweeps Her House has achieved international success.

“It is important for local writers to be armed with the tools necessary to advance their writing careers.  Cherie Jones’ success is extremely motivational and the ability to gain insight from her experience can only be described as priceless,” the Literary Officer said.

Jones won the National Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) gold and silver awards in 2018 in the Literary Arts Competition.  An excerpt of her novel How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House can be found in The Arts Etc NIFCA Winning Words Antholgy 2017/2018.

The free monthly writers’ programmes seek to provide training for Literary Arts practitioners.  However, the NCF has also structured the sessions to cater to members of the public who are desirous of telling their stories, but lack training.

Other upcoming sessions, which are running down to July 9, 2022, will cover the following topics: Writing for Children, Digital Journalism, Guide to Sports Writing, Copywriting: Writing Content that Sells, Getting Published and Poetry for Beginners.

To be a part of the Writers’ Clinic sessions, email, or call 417-6625.  You can also log on to the NCF’s Facebook page, or @thencfBarbados on Instagram, for more information on the facilitators and any changes to the schedule.

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