From left to right: Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley; Mabalozi Coordinator, Carmelia Alleyne of the Irvin Wilson School; Principal of Selah Primary School, Maxine Husbands; and Mabalozi Cheryl Trotman of the Deighton Griffith School, look at the many items donated to aid children in hurricane affected islands. (Photo: Willie Alleyne Associates)

The Ministry of Culture’s Mabalozi ‘A Child Like Me’ Programme has collected over 50 boxes and one barrel, in aid of students affected by the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, earlier this year.

Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, on Wednesday praised the teachers and the students in the Mabalozi Programme for their generous contribution of stationery and food items to their counterparts in the affected islands of Tortola and Antigua and Barbuda.

He congratulated the Mabalozi for their “mammoth efforts” in conceptualising the project, which seeks to assist those in neighbouring islands whose education was negatively affected by the passage of the two hurricanes.

As he looked over the many boxes collected, the Minister expressed his support for the Pan-African Affairs’ Mabalozi Programme.  “This is fantastic!” he exclaimed, noting that such concern and support for those in the region was indeed important.

The boxes are expected to leave Barbados next week and arrive at their destination in time for Christmas.  Another shipment is scheduled to leave Barbados by the end of January.

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