A number of districts in Christ Church will be targeted for fogging next week by the Vector Control Unit.

On Monday, July 1, the team will begin its fogging operations in Maxwell Hill, Maxwell Main Road, Moravian Gap, Maxwell Gardens, Laynes Road, Hilton Road, Top Rock, Graeme Hall Terrace, Fairholme Gardens, Welches, Canevale and the environs.

The next day, Tuesday, July 2, they will target the following districts: Golf Club Road, Dayrells Road, Worthing, Worthing View, Rockley Terrace, Rose Garden No.1 & 2, Blue Waters, A & B Rockley, Peronne Gap, Dover Gardens, Rockley New Road, Ventnor Gardens with Avenues and surrounding areas.

On Wednesday, July 3, the Unit will go into Silver Sands, Bournes Land 1 & 2, Ealing Park South, Hopewell – Round Rock, St. Christopher, Walls Road, McClean’s Road and the environs.

The following day, Thursday, July 4, they will turn their attention to Rendezvous Gardens, Amity Lodge, Fairway Gardens, Worthing Road, St. Lawrence Main Road, Bamboo Road, Craigg Road, Beckles Road, Brewsters Road, Graeme Hall, Harmony Hall, Top Rock and neighbouring districts.

The Unit will conclude fogging in Christ Church for the week on Friday, July 5, when they go into Atlantic Shores, Enterprise Coast Road, Brownes Land, Enterprise Gardens, Rollins Road, Goodland Gardens and surrounding areas.

Fogging takes place from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.


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