The Right Excellent Sarah Ann Gill, Barbados’ lone female national hero, will be celebrated in song, this coming National Heroes Day, Wednesday, April 28.

The show will take place in Independence Square from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. and there will be performances by the Bethel Chimers, the Wesley Singers, the Royal Barbados Police Force Band and Edwin Yearwood.

There will also be a special tribute in song by several outstanding Barbadian performers.

Mrs. Gill, a devout Methodist, continued to practice her chosen faith despite constant and severe persecution. She was taken before the law courts for holding "illegal" meetings and received threats to burn her house.

Methodists were at the time viewed by the Barbadian upper classes as anti-slavery agitators and agents of the England-based Anti-Slavery Society.

The celebrations will also coincide with the recognition of 250 years of Methodism in the Caribbean.

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