Health Minister, John Boyce and Tourism Minister, Richard Sealy, posing with staff of the reopened Hotel Infinity on the Beach in St. Lawrene Gap. (Photograph courtesy D. Roberts.)

To remain competitive in the hotel industry, hoteliers must continue to reinvent themselves, as well as seek to invest in catering to disabled persons.

Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, offered this advice today as he addressed a ceremony to mark the re-opening of the hotel Infinity on the Beach in St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.

Mr. Sealy lauded the hotel’s management for the refurbishments carried out, and stated that such efforts were “exactly what should [be done]”.

Noting that the property was now equiped with two rooms catering to persons with disabilities, the Tourism Minister said that the decision to make the hotel more accessible to disabled guests was “very important”, as it was a niche market and more hotels needed to cater to the disabled.

“We do have to be fully accessible at all times…This is a wonderful effort…this is really what tourism should be all about,” he added.

Mr. Sealy also noted that since the hotel’s grand opening in 2014, management was already “rejuvenating and renewing” the property’s offerings.

“The determination that you should try to push the envelope a little further is something that we should encourage…It is not easy, it calls for constant work,” he stated, while commending the small hotel as it sought to remain up-to-date amidst the challenges that come with managing a small or medium sized business.

Infinity on the Beach is a 66-room boutique hotel which features authentic Caribbean architecture and design, open interiors and ocean views.

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