The Barbados Postal Service (BPS) has changed the requirements for customers purchasing British postal orders as well as local and international money orders, by introducing a revised requisition form with three additional entries.

They are: the reason for the purchase of the order; identification of the remitter or agent of the remitter, and line item to record purchase of British postal order.

“As a consequence of these additions,” said the BPS, “all persons purchasing local or international money orders and British postal orders are required to present some form of valid identification e.g. National Registration Card/Passport.

“N.B.  Anyone acting as an agent for a remitter is required to present identification for self and that of the individual on whose behalf the person is acting.

“A reason for the purchase MUST be given at all times; this is particularly necessary when large amounts are requested. There may be instances when remitters want to pay credit card debt and college fees for individuals studying overseas. In these circumstances, they are obliged to provide documentation which supports their request.”

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