A training programme and a number of competitions will be staged over the next few weeks for those young budding athletes who are participating in the National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championship (NAPSAC) Jump Start Programme.

Training will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12, at 4:30 p.m. at the National Stadium and continue every Tuesday until February 23, while competitions will be held every Friday from January 15. The children will compete in a number of events, including long jump, cricket/tennis ball throwing and races.

Additionally, the athletes will participate in the Joseph Payne Memorial Classic on Saturday, January 30; the Eighth Young Olympians Age Group Meet on Saturday, February 6; and the Elite Sports Relay Fair on Saturday, February 13.

Chairman of the NAPSAC Organising Committee, Michael Jules, explained that the training was designed to help athletes, since it was found that many went to the National Stadium "unprepared" to compete at the zonal meets.

"For some athletes, this is the first time that they are coming to the stadium and they are not aware of where the start or finish lines for events are and many of them do not know the rules pertaining to field events," Mr. Jules said.

He noted that the training and various competitions would also provide the athletes with a chance to warm up prior to NAPSAC 2010. He continued: "These events will also provide the committee with an opportunity to train several officials in the hope of raising the standard of officiating for the championship."

The children will be taught techniques relating to starting races, jumping and throwing. A list will be posted at the National Stadium, where parents, teachers and the public may view the athletes’ performances.


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