Acting Minister of Tourism, Senator Haynesley Benn, presented Jason Yearwood, the 16 year old Queen’s College “Junior Minister of Tourism”, with a token of appreciation today during the school’s morning assembly.

The fifth form student was awarded for his participation in the annual Minister of Tourism Annual Speak-Off Competition, a component of the Tourism Education and Me (TEAM) Awareness Programme. Mr. Yearwood won the Barbados leg of the competition, and went on represent Barbados at the Annual Caribbean Tourism Organisation Youth Congress, where he placed second.

Senator Benn reminded those present of the importance of tourism to Barbados.  He noted that often some residents treated visitors to the island harshly.

“Lots of time we see visitors to our country and are unsociable to them, not realising that every dollar that they spend here goes towards assisting us in one way or another,” he added. 

The Minister praised Jason for his outstanding work in the competition, noting that he was a good example for the youth of Barbados.  He encouraged him to continue to be involved in the sector and reminded those in attendance of the link between tourism and agriculture. (AR) 

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