The Arthur Smith Primary School, located at St. Matthias, Christ Church, will be celebrating Africa Awareness Day on Wednesday, April 1, under the theme: Colours of Africa.

The event starts at 9:00 a.m., and will be addressed by Principal Jenifer Hoyte.??Pupils in each age group will wear a different colour t-shirt representing one of the colours of Africa.

Since masks are an integral part of African culture, the pupils will also be sporting masks, designed by them during their art lessons.

A parade, accompanied by drums and music and preceded by a flag party, will travel through the school???s community, carrying flags identifying the colour which each class represents.

Additionally, a group of students will perform a Flash Dance in the car park of Trident Insurance, Hastings; along the Richard Haynes Boardwalk; the car park of Consolidated Finance, also on Hastings Main Road; as well as the car park of the Accra Beach Resort and Spa, Rockley, Christ Church.

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