Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, told members of the Royal Barbados Police Force last Saturday that the fact that no work had started on a number of projects aimed at improving their work environment was not his fault or the fault of his Ministry.

Mr. Brathwaite expressed his annoyance that in the two years since he announced work would start on projects such as the amalgamation of the Hastings and Worthing Police Stations, a new police station at Cane Garden and upgrades at the Black Rock Police Station and Criminal Investigations Department, nothing had been done.

Speaking at an awards ceremony for the Northern Division of the Force, he said that there was a clear disconnect between decision-making and getting things done in Barbados and there was a need for a targeted, coordinated approach to dealing with issues.

The Minister told the police officers that crime statistics were still not where he would like to see them in terms of a reduction. He noted that this was not only a police issue, but one which encompassed agencies such as the Welfare Department, and the Ministries of Education, Social Care and Culture.

He maintained that all these agencies needed to become more actively involved in turning around what was happening in the nation and create such an impact, that the criminal justice system???s involvement would be significantly lessened.

At the awards ceremony held at Queen???s College, Husbands, St. James, police officers of the Northern Division were awarded for perfect attendance, crime investigation, outstanding performance and bravery.

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