Statement by Attorney General, Dale Marshall – March 27, 2021. (PMO)

Follow the COVID-19 protocols and stop engaging in practices that will allow the disease to spread!

Attorney General Dale Marshall made this appeal in a pre-recorded statement today, as he updated the country on the Emergency Management (COVID-19) (Curfew) (No.7) Directive, 2021, which takes effect from March 28 to April 11.

Mr. Marshall stated: “I have to say that, in many instances, we are still getting reports of individuals on minivans and ZRs who are not following the protocols.  We are still getting calls about people who are having little limes in their backyards and so on.

“Please desist from these things. They provide opportunities for the spread of COVID, and we really don’t want to have to tighten back up the restrictions.”

The Attorney General said there were concerns about the upcoming Easter weekend and explained there would be a partial shutdown on Sunday, March 28; Good Friday, April 2; Sunday, April 4; the Easter Bank Holiday on Monday, April 5, and Sunday, April 11.

“Now let me warn you, we are going to be taking the business of enforcement very seriously over the Easter weekend. So, those individuals who are planning on picnics on Easter Sunday, and little mini limes on the beach on Easter Bank Holiday, that is not permitted, and therefore enforcement will be strict.

“Beaches and parks are open only for swimming and exercise, not for picnics, not for gatherings, not for recreational activity, and therefore we will be out in great numbers with the enforcement team during those periods, and we really want to ask Barbadians to cooperate with us,” he urged.

Mr. Marshall encouraged Barbadians to remember the frontline workers, those suffering from COVID-19, and individuals who are struggling at this time, and keep them in their prayers.

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