Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, addressing the audience at the dedication service. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, has championed the need for leaders to embrace the tenants of Christianity in order to become successful.

Stating that good leaders are not necessarily born but moulded and shaped by persons who see their potential, Minister Brathwaite said that once individuals kept the Lord Almighty in their midst and had a strong desire and will power to succeed then they could become effective leaders who led by example and, in turn, encouraged their followers to become good leaders.

Speaking last Sunday afternoon at the Re-launch and Dedication Service of the United Youth Leaders of Barbados at the Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, ??St. Michael, the Attorney General told the gathering that the greatest leader of "all time was Jesus Christ."

Mr. Brathwaite said that he keeps a copy of a book entitled: Jesus Christ CEO, as he truly believes that Jesus Christ is the best CEO to grace this earth. ??The AG

noted that following some of the principles outlined in the text would prove valuable to those looking to improve their leadership skills.?? He outlined that: "A good leader believes in himself/herself 100 per cent as Jesus did, and a good leader isn’t afraid to do the difficult things as Jesus did the difficult things."?? He pointed out that "many charismatic and popular leaders get into trouble when they cease doing the difficult things in order to gain approval… and he, further, stated that "Politicians

who depend on opinion polls to determine their actions will not last very long as leaders."

In lauding the organisation, the Attorney General told its members "that the strength of their organisation is in the team that they build."

Meanwhile, Chairman of the United Youth Leaders of Barbados Christaneisha Soleyn, applauded the five-year organisation stating it provided an avenue?? for young people to have a voice as it developed their skills through training and service guided by their motto: Empowering today’s Youth to Creatively Shape a better Tomorrow!?? She said the aim of the organisation was to implement positive peer pressure as it was created by young people for young people.


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