Police officers may associate with trade unions and benefit from what they have to offer, but they will not be allowed to have a formal relationship with such bodies.

Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, made this clear as he addressed the Barbados Police Association???s Annual General Meeting in the Prince Cave Hall at the District ???A??? Police Station recently.

Mr. Brathwaite said he did not have a problem with police officers availing themselves of learning opportunities provided by the trade union movement, but he made it clear that he was not ???bold enough??? to make the legislative change they requested.

???Can you imagine what will happen in a Barbados where you were inclined to withdraw your labour for whatever reason? The thinking is that we would not wish our security forces to have that ultimate weapon of labour movements, that is the ability to withdraw your labour,??? the Minister stated.

Noting that successive governments were asked to consider the issue, and did not have an issue with them associating with trade unions, Mr. Brathwaite said he too considered the matter and understood the rationale behind the legislative changes not being proclaimed.


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