The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management’s publication, Agricultural Digest 2011, is now out and available online.

The annual document, produced by the Ministry’s Planning Unit, is a continuous effort to provide relevant information on sectoral development to stakeholders.

The digest contains production and import statistics, a review of the year’s performance, and several useful articles written by members of staff, as well as the farming community.

Included in the publication are articles on Farm Management, Solutions to Rising Input Costs, the Barbados Cotton Industry, Rainfall in 2011, the Barbados Food Crop Sector, the Barbados Sugar Industry and Food Trade, as well as a statistical index.

This year’s document, as well as earlier versions, may be found online at the Ministry of Agriculture’s website at http://www.agriculture.gov.bb/, where persons can visit the Knowledge Centre and check under the heading Statistics, Trade and Economics, Planning.


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