The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management has invited persons interested in research in environmentally-friendly agricultural production, to apply for its Agricultural Green Product and Green Energy Research Fund.

Interested persons will have to conduct research in areas such as land use management models, rural adaptation models, aquaponics and aquaculture, and the application of information and communication technology in agriculture, among others.

Research must also be conducted in such areas as sustainable waste management and recycling, sustainable water management, biogas and biofuels.??Eligible applicants must be residents of Barbados and must be able to complete the research project within a year of the start date.

Grants will be awarded to individuals, including potential entrepreneurs or businesses, universities and other post-secondary or tertiary educational and training institutions, community groups and NGOs, as well as youth groups.??Interested persons are asked to email for further information. The deadline for the submission of proposals is Friday, February 13.??

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