Young budding horticulturists and gardeners will soon have another opportunity to showcase their skills when the Barbados Agricultural Development & Marketing Corporation (BADMC) hosts its "Agrofest 2010 Garden Competition".

The event will target primary school students and gardens can be in a traditional format or in pots, cans or tyres.

Gardens must consist of vegetable plants and fruit; flower plants may also be added with vegetable plants.

Students are required to participate in all gardening activities, including but not limited to: designing; planting; watering; weeding; fertilising; observing; record keeping and harvesting.

First prize includes a drip irrigation system with a challenge trophy; second prize is a storage tank for rain water harvesting system; while the third prize is a gift voucher for garden supplies.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Stephen Alleyne or Jeffrey Nurse at the BADMC at telephone number 428-0250.


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