Exhibitors and vendors who will be preparing or handling food for Agrofest 2013, are required to attend a workshop on Food Preparation for the General Public on Monday, February 4, at the Dining Club, Building No. 11, Newton Industrial Park, Christ Church, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Agrofest Coordinator, Thedore Fraser, said that one of the objectives of the annual event was to educate not only patrons but exhibitors and vendors as well. He explained that the workshop would include a presentation from the Environmental Health Department, in addition to a live cooking demonstration.

"I encourage [vendors and exhibitors] to make an extra special effort to attend this event as it will be to your benefit, and will assist in the successful staging of Agrofest 2013," Mr. Fraser emphasised.

This year’s Agrofest takes place from February 22 – 24 in Queen’s Park, The City, and will be hosted under the theme: Renewable Energy – Leading the Charge into the Future.


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